Mahalo Andy

Andy Irons is the single most influential person in my short film career. Andy took me to all corners of the world and showed me the surf industry from the top of the top. We all know the story, Andy thank you for the most incredible perspective of your life. Lyndie also, a true angel. I read articles and watch short videos and cant help but cry, then feel an overwhelming odd sense of gratitude to have lived so many of those moments from, next to Lyndie, the closest seat in the world. I miss every bit of him. Barca says it best.

Pancakes at Pacos


Andy & Missy Tahiti

A.I. Mexico

Parko, Andy, Occie, Bruce Tahiti

Bruce Australia

Andy an I, Australia. He actually asked the guy to take the picture.

Occy, Donavan

Bali Monkey

Lyndie and little miss Parko

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